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The challenging, lucrative and rewarding world of recruitment. This is why we love it!

In my thirteen years in recruitment, there’s almost nothing I haven’t been exposed to. From the highs of closing seemingly impossible positions to candidates bailing at the 11th hour, there is no doubt that being a recruiter is never boring! To be fair, it’s not for everyone but those of us who choose this career over and over again will agree that there is something about being a recruiter that is incredibly absorbing. Come along with me as I explore my personal thoughts on why.

Sharpness of the mind

The first aspect of recruitment that keeps me coming back is the way it keeps my mind sharp. Being a consultant means understanding how to make your clients win by bringing them the best possible candidate. To do this you have to understand their business and their industry. This will definitely keep your mind sharp. Recruiters don’t only enter their client’s boardrooms, but their minds too on the way to strategically finding solutions.

The reward

Have you ever listened to a news bulletin about the unemployment rate and felt a deep need to do something about it? Well recruiters come to work every day to help organisations find the right people. Nothing is more rewarding than placing someone who’s been unemployed or unhappy and struggling. The combination of finding the right candidate for your client coupled with your candidate’s gratitude is the real reward.

Show me the money

Recruitment can be very lucrative. In many ways there is big sales component to recruitment and with that comes targets and commission. The fact that recruiters can earn commission is very attractive, especially for those who are driven. Why earn a fixed salary when you could make so much more in commission? All while putting people into jobs.

Thinking about becoming a recruitment consultant? Get in touch and maybe together we will soon be running into burning boardrooms to put out fires all the way to the most rewarding income in the corporate world.


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