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Heritage Day at InspHired

Heritage Day is a public holiday celebrated on 24 September in South Africa that recognises and celebrates the cultural diversity of the country. In its essence, the day embraces and celebrates the true meaning of why we call ourselves the Rainbow Nation. As South Africans we mark the day by wearing traditional outfits, eating traditional foods, learning about different cultures and spending time with those that we value.

The InspHired team celebrated Heritage Day by hosting a braai and having the staff members wear their different traditional attires. This day provided a platform for the team to get to know one another better and on a more personal level, but also to showcase that each individual is a valued member of the team, rather than just another employee.

The true essence of Heritage Day is showing appreciation for how each member’s cultural differences contribute to the team, so it’s always a great experience to celebrate the cultures, nations and diversity that make up our organization.


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