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Are Psychometrics Helpful In The Recruitment Process?

Yes! I’m not simply saying that because we have a psychometrist in the team but because in our experience, it’s true.

The world of recruitment is competitive, we know that the success of businesses is directly linked to the quality of the people they recruit and retain. With so much at stake it’s critical that organisations use all the tools at their disposal to assist them in making the best possible decision. Psychometric assessments do just that and this is why we’re proud to have a registered psychometrist in our team.

Reliable Science

Unlike my ability to stay focused in an interview, the science that psychometric assessments is based on is solid and reliable. They eliminate the human element and can assist us to combat and overcome our own biases during the recruitment process.

Beyond the Surface

The recruitment process can be rushed when hiring managers need to fill a role and the business is hurting as a result of the vacancy. This means we don’t always have the time to look beyond the surface of a candidate’s application. What are this candidate’s triggers? How are they motivated? How will they be successfully developed? Assessments can assist us to look beyond the interview and assist us in not only making the right hiring decision but how to develop and retain the hire as well.

Team Dynamics

So your team is cohesive and efficient? Fantastic! How will your team be affected by the dynamic of a new hire? A group assessment will give you all the insight you need. Don’t leave the cohesion of your team to chance, let the right assessment help you make that call.

Whether you’re doing your own recruitment or using an agency we encourage you to do the additional work of adding an assessment to the recruitment process. If your current provider doesn’t offer this service then get in touch with our office today for a customized assessment solution.


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